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  • Color coordinated: The red minute hand corresponds to the red minute numbers, and the blue hour hand corresponds to the blue hour numbers. The issue of the reversed colors have been fully resolved. Dimensions: Clock measures 12 Inches in diameter. Includes stand so it can rest on a desk as well as a wall mounting slot.
  • Large Demonstration Clock: The Teachers Choice Clock is for learning the concept of telling time and demonstration teaching purposes only. This isn't a clock that you would use in your home, office, or business.
  • How To: The hands of the Teachers Choice Demonstration clock move in sync. This means, moving the minute will turn the other hand as well. In addition hands can also be moved by turning the knob on the back of the clock.
  • Teaching Aid: When creating the Teachers Choice Demonstration Clock we wanted it to be the best teaching clock on the market. We made this possible in two ways. Our demonstration clock is one of the largest on the market with vibrant colors and pictures to help teachers and parents keep their young learners engaged. When the minute hand is moved, the hour hand will move seamlessly without lag. In addition, batteries aren't required with this product.
  • Visual Aid: When the hour hand is manually moved, you will see the image underneath the "12" change from Day to Night or Night to Day. Studies have shown young learners retain more information visually.

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm